Tips for contacting an Escort

Published 17/02/2012 by thedianamurphy

I really do appreciate you lovely gents contacting me with the view of spending some delicious time together, but felt compelled to write a few tips for some who don’t appreciate that an escort’s time is very valuable!

My phone isn’t always switched on to take calls, I have a fairly busy life outside of this occupation and it’s not always feasible to speak when you call. If you need to speak to me I can guarantee complete discretion, either leave me a message or a text with a time when you are available to speak to me and we can try again.

Secondly if you call and wish to see me please remember that us girls take an age to get ready for anything! Okay, slight exaggeration but the truth is I do not sit around all day waiting for my phone to ring so I can jump up and answer the door to you. There may be times when I can see you within 10-15 minutes but it will be quite a rare occasion and you’ll be incredibly lucky! Feel free to give it a whirl but seriously an hour’s notice is ideal, if not more.

And lastly before I jump down from my soap box: I charge for my time and if you insist on texting and/or ringing constantly you are using up my time and will quickly be ignored I’m afraid. I do offer the perfect Girlfriend Experience and if you wish to continue our ‘relationship’ after our meet then I am happy to discuss an arrangement whereby we can stay in touch, within reason, for an extra cost.

And for all the lovely gentlemen who call to check out a few details about me and my services for future visits, thank you, I look forward to meeting you.


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