Happy Valentine’s Day!

Published 14/02/2012 by thedianamurphy

Well it’s the day of LURRRRRVE and I hope that everyone has a fun filled day with lots of naughty fun, flowers and maybe a chocolate or two! I’m not expecting to be inundated with gifts, but one or two would be very acceptable! 🙂

I must confess that I did a little bit of on-line shopping last night and have finally ordered the one toy that I have been planning to add to my bedroom toy chest for some time! A little bit of a Valentine’s Gift to myself I suppose, and why not? By tomorrow lunchtime I will be the proud owner of a We Vibe! Sadly it has to be charged for 24 hours before I can use! Why don’t the manufacturers give them some charge before distributing them???

Not to worry, I promise to start blogging more often now, the site is coming together now and as a Valentine’s treat for my wonderful followers I’ve this morning added a couple more photos to my gallery 🙂 All feedback welcome! I’ve also changed the way my photos are shown so hopefully it is a bit better for my lovelies!

More photos to come soon and if you want to take a peek at some of the other photos taken during my recent shoot I have added many more at my Private Gallery which can be found by clicking here!


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