How did you become an Escort?

Published 24/01/2012 by thedianamurphy

A question often asked and one that I have asked myself a few times to be honest! Mainly because I think there are many reasons for me going down this route!

At 20 years of age I met the boy I was to spend the next ten years with; I say boy because at that age he really wasn’t much more than a boy and had limited experience with the female form. At the time I thought it was love and we moved from Yorkshire to Berkshire together, due to his job, after only being together for six months, one of the biggest mistakes of my life!

I won’t bore you with the details as to be quite honest it’s quite dull for the most part and I’d rather forget about it! We experimented sexually but over the years it became very apparent that we really were not compatible sexually. Our sex life became non-existent and my love affair with a popular underwear and sex toy shop developed, as did my relationship with porn.

We led separate lives in more ways than one and I even made alterations to our home which meant we both had sufficient space to live together whilst actually not needing to be together for a great deal of it.

Anyway, to cut that story as short as I can, I left the marriage and was eager to explore my sexual boundaries and, to be quite honest, to catch up on some fun!

I found myself seeking sexual encounters online and soon found myself comfortably settled in in the Swinging scene, that sure was an eye opener! At the same time I also found my way into a Sugar Daddy/Sugar Babe relationship which certainly helped me rebuild my life after a failed marriage.

Enjoying both the swinging scene and the SD/SB scene it soon began to take a hold of my life quite considerably, it really is amazing when you count up the hours spent dedicated to these particular lifestyles!

After several very successful SD/SB relationships and some very unsuccessful relationships it soon became apparent that in “some” cases the Sugar Babe is really just a glorified Escort! It has it’s perks that’s for sure, but a lot of gents in the UK view SB’s quite simply as a cheap escort, not something that sat right with me.

For over ten years now I have run a relatively successful business working from home so all these activities all merged together really well! But with the economy struggling over the last couple of years things became more difficult and business dropped. Becoming disillusioned with the SD/SB scenario I decided to look into the phone sex industry, it lasted a while but I was left feeling frustrated! Not a good state to be in!

After much deliberation and consideration over whether or not I thought I was strong enough, I decided to investigate becoming an Independent Escort. That was two years ago now and I’ve dipped in and out a few times as various workloads have taken a hold of my time but it’s still something that I really do enjoy and something that is a big part of my life now.

Long may it continue!


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